Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Cycle to Work Day

Okay, sorry to those looking for a essay on the issues of this day, I'm just going to enjoy it. I do get that there does need to be a lot more than a day a year where this is done!

Going Out

So my way out provided some excellent views, especially in quite glorious light. The autumn yellows, oranges, and golds are starting to kick in and my route takes me along some beautiful scenery. Bizarrely, for some of it, I'm right next to a road. I'm not sure if I'd appreciate the views as much if I was driving.

The first section is in lower light, but has the fantabulous sight of seeing many people commuting into Cambridge as we go out along the Guided Busway. I'm a little suprised, there were more people riding and walking yesterday, I just must have hit a slightly different spot.

Then the slightly dull section from Trumpington Park and Ride to Harston, via the M11 roundabout. I'm aware there's a separate path, it's just a lot further round so simply doesn't appeal on a commute.

After that, Harston has a slightly small shared-use path. Lots of avoiding being near blind driveways, but still a good route away from most of the traffic.

Finally, the route on to Foxton (railway crossing). The light here is just great.

And here's the clip (music warning!) with a variety of start points which open YouTube in a separate window.
Go HD see * at bottom

At the start
0:17 Guided Busway
1:41 Trumpington Park and Ride
3:13 Harston
4:03 Route to Foxton

Some Stills

Traffic on Return

On the way back at lunchtime, there's the fun of the roadworks. Yes, I mean fun! I measure my progress against a well known beer companies van (other beers are available).

And, yes, I know the roadworks favoured me greatly. However, Harston regularly suffers from slow traffic going into Cambridge in the morning commute. And from the end of this video clip onwards traffic peak speeds drop a lot. It's now quicker by bike.

And some of the route back (music warning!).
Go HD see * at bottom

At the start
0:58 Harston
1:24 Queueing Traffic
1:45 Back to van
2:02 Roadworks
2:56 Back to van

* How to go HD.

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