Friday 5 September 2014

Halesworth to Wenhaston

Halesworth has recently put in a new cycle route and converted some of the riverside fields into a recreational area. This seems to be very popular for all kinds of outdoor activities, as well as giving a great way to avoid a rather unpleasant A-Road route.

Here's the map with the journey on to Wenhaston.

View Wenhaston to Halesworth in a larger map

The red line represents the old way of getting to and from town. It's a distinctly unpleasant road environment.Busy, often speeding cars. I've been doing the 30mph speed limit and had cars flash pass me far too close. Used by lorries too.

Additionally, it's a small hill with a bit of a slope. Not enormous but still not ideal for commuter-style cycling, especially with kids for school or a full shopping load. I've clipped this route before in blogger (Halesworth to Mells Lane) as part of a bigger route so just how unpleasant it is can be seen.

And here are the clips showing just how the route has changed for the better. The cycleway is the yellow route on the map, with the single track road onto Wenhaston as the blue route.

From Halesworth to Wenhaston

Open in YouTube at the start or at the start of the single lane track

From Wenhaston to Halesworth

Open in YouTube at the start or at the start of the cycleway

A Few Photos along the Cycleway.

A "Get off and walk" sign on NCN1. Sigh. I've put it on Cyclestreets. Surely, amongst a space that was once wide enough to have a road along it, there is space to put a 3m wide cyclelane down the middle.

Blossom in mid April

Woven Wheels

Woven Wheels

Note the segregated space for people walking (probably just missing a gate) and riding. Also the cattle grid approach for bikes. This looks wide enough for most cargo bikes and chikd carriers. All in all a really good example of properly built active field separation. I've put it on Cyclestreets

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