Wednesday 7 September 2016

A Short Wenhaston Circuit

I've written about the back route from Wenhaston to the nearby town of Halesworth, with it's new (ish) cycleroute cutting out the unpleasant big roads. This is a short circuit taking in a lot of the above route, but allowing for a bit more back lanes on a pleasant sunny day.

Here's the map, with the circular route in blue with my clip below going clockwise from the start in Wenhaston.

And here's the clip (music warning!) with a variety of start points which open YouTube in a separate window.
Go HD see * at bottom

At the start
0:20 Rough road
0:25 Back of Blackheath
1:12 Bramfield
1:26 Railway bridge
2:26 Holly Tree Farm turn
2:53 Edge of Walpole
3:37 Mells Lane
3:41 Route to Halesworth on left
4:0 Letting car through
4:18 A lot of slippy sand
4:32 Heath Road
4:47 Back Road

Bramfield Road, which loops west round the back of Wenhaston and Blackheath from the centre, gets pretty rough near the farm entrance. A look across at the amount of very large vehicles parked up at the farm gives some indication why this is.

At the next junction, we join Regional Cycle Network route 42 which has come from Dunwich (see other videos and blogs) and Snape before that. Then the Low Road through to the back end of Bramfield is full of wildlife and sometimes pretty farm buildings. This continues on the back loop around Bramfield to the Warpole Road.

The Walpole Road is probably the most likely place to experience poor driving as it's a bit wider than the other lanes. However, it's few and far between. Remember, always ride wide of the hedgerow, as per DfT BikeAbility instructions, you are better seen. The two short slopes go up to Holly Tree Farm where the turn north towards Halesworth appears. Now on National Cycle Network route 1.

This is a lovely route with some nice views, and drops down at the end. Take care as the road is littered with sand and gravel that makes it hard to stop by the main road at the end. There's a quick nip and back on the main road up to the corner before getting back onto a small lane.

Again, more pretty little nooks and corners until the main A road into Halesworth. A short distance to the other side is the turn onto the quiet cycleroute to Halesworth, a welcome relief from the A road. This is where we leave National Cycle Network route 1.

Then, the remains of the journey along Mells Lane into the back of Wenhaston. Note I see a lot more cars here, but none are scary or do silly things. At one point I get a car behind me and decide to find a place to pull over and let them through. I've no desire to have them wobbling around behind me, I'd rather the peace and quiet! Note that this is as I'm heading up hill, if I was in a going downhill at speed I'd keep going. Mainly as I'm going as fast as any driver at that point.

* How to go HD.


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