Thursday 15 July 2010

Tour De France 2010

Travelling the Pyrenees watching the great cycle race and enjoying French outdoor life

Well, it's the prelude. The day before the off. We've got to get up at 4:30am to get to our slot for the Eurotunnel. A few things left to do, like pack an' stuff, but no urgent issues with anything left behind!

We're driving down to a little hotel and restaurant we've been to twice before. It's in a village just outside Brive which makes it an easy stop off point on way to see the 12th stage the next day. It's run by a French-Welsh couple which gives us an agreeable first level going into the French language. A chance to practise without losing all communication channels! A nice little bike ride will follow the drive, up to the top and along a ridge in the valley.

We go to see the 12th stage at it's finish in Revel, near Castelnaudary. Now, there's a town with a famous product. Ah, cassoulet! If anyone doesn't know, it's like baked beans with sausages, but for adult tastes. No, not blue ones, just good food.

So follow this blog for the next week, if you want. I can't promise you a stunning read, but maybe, just maybe you'll get off on my rising excitement of wild camping in mountains just under the snow line, bizarre restaurant experiences, occasional cyclist activity, including me up hill! For those who don't know, I did promise on Eurosport TV that I would be cycling up Ax-Bonascre, all 700 metres of it!

For previous Tour blogs see either my short visit in 2009 to the Pyrenees or a driven trip to 2006 in the Alpes.

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