Saturday, 29 March 1997

Canaries with Attitude

My travels and other animals, a brief account of a holiday unbounded

Early Morning, Saturday 29 March 1997
Aeropuerto, Tenerife

I’m sat in the airport at one o’clock in the morning attempting to find some peace and quiet. The rest of the day has been satisfactory, both Christian and I have been suffering due to lack of sleep. I tried to get my head down at about five in the afternoon, but only managed to nod off for twenty minutes. It’s not easy to rest when you’re mid journey with too many thoughts on your mind. Give me the comforts of my own surroundings now.

We drifted around town in the early evening to get something to eat and found a little place away from the main hub-bub. The hub-bub is due to the local interpretation of fiesta, as it is Good Friday. The is a small fair and most of the village/town is on the front strutting their funky stuff. Fire crackers are the bit of fun enjoyed by the kids.

Anyway, why am I at the airport at one o’clock in the morning? Because the sodding flight is delayed for four hours, that’s why. You can guess that I’m suitably impressed. With only four hours sleep last night and the odd snippet during today, this is going to be an awfully long day. Guesses at arriving at Christian’s house are varying between nine and ten o’clock, which given the start at about half past six will roughly give a 27 hour day. I’ve done much longer, but none with all this waiting around for a single announcement. You don’t really sleep if you put your head down for fear of sleeping through the flight boarding announcement.

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