Saturday, 22 March 1997

Canaries with Attitude

My travels and other animals, a brief account of a holiday unbounded

Afternoon, Saturday 22 March 1997
Medano, Tenerife

It happened, we made it, breakfast was walked to. When I say breakfast, it was half past Twelve but it definitely was breakfast. A French breakfast nonetheless. A French breakfast in a Spanish colony, eaten by English, surrounded by Germans. What a wonderful multi-ethnic society. The orange juice, or naranja, was actually squeezed in front of our eyes, the coffee was almost undrinkable and the jam was very English guesthouse. The croissant and French bread made up for the latter two and, of course, the bill (la cuenta) at a measly 1650 pesatas or £2.50 each.

Breakfast was followed by a walk around town. We headed along the waterfront, past swimming places/anchor points into a more suburban area (of this village?). We past a rollerblading area where we saw a dude on a trick bike performing all kinds of swirling maneuvers. We eventually arrived at Frank’s (Gemma’s boyfriend) windsurfing shop. It was filled with lots of surfboards, surf dudes, bits of surfboards, and pictures of lots of cool dudes doing lots of cool things about 30 foot above a wave. We arranged to borrow the car to drive to Santa Cruz some time in the afternoon so that we could catch the boat to Las Palmas, our intended destination for the week.

By now it was about half past One and no time for any self respecting local to be out in the sun. Gemma was beginning to look a bit anxious about this dilemma. Here she had two white English on holiday, wildly strutting their funky stuff beneath a semi-tropical sun with every chance of flaking out. ‘Swimming’ was mentioned, to ease the mood, and swimming was decided upon. On the way back to the apartment, Gemma told us of all the wonderful beasts that bask in the warm waters that surround. Killer whales, lemon sharks, barracuda, and small fish that lie on the bottom with poisonous spiky backs. We only ventured in for a shortwhile but it was a beautiful 16 degrees centigrade. Afterwards we sat on the hot rocks next to the sea and burnt our extremities until we thought it time to move.

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