Sunday, 23 March 1997

Canaries with Attitude

My travels and other animals, a brief account of a holiday unbounded

Evening, Sunday 23 March 1997
Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

We got back after an afternoon doing the tourist thing down in the south of the island. Sitting on beaches, eating McDonald’s, listening to crass music pumped out by the myriad of bars at the back of the beach.

The drive down showed a similar landscape to the drive in Tenerife, yesterday. A road snaking it’s way past cliffs, over gullies, into the sea, and so on. We past a massive wind farm on the way down. A lot of the sails were turning at a fair old rate, indicating the wind was up. The fact that the car wouldn’t stay on the road and our hair was blown all over the place also gave this hint. We also past a statue of a woman with breasts on her front and back. This is the symbol for fertility, apparently.

As we got back into town we started to sing in the car. This was a vain attempt to make up for the lack of radio in the car. Everybody was good at pulling the right words for first lines, but just trailed off after that. ‘At first I was alone, I was petrified, kept thinking hm would never ha de hum by my side’. We got back home, left the car in the carpark opposite and avoided the unofficial carpark attendant asking for money for nothing (must work on that for a song idea). Christian was determined to do some exercise, and got the Cindy Crawford aerobics video out. I promised not to laugh as I would look just as silly, but it was impossible. I tried very hard, but it was too difficult. Christian, to her credit, didn’t take this badly and kept on going.

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