Thursday, 27 March 1997

Canaries with Attitude

My travels and other animals, a brief account of a holiday unbounded

Morning, Thursday 27 March 1997
Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

I’m slowly waking up with tea and toast. We had another shortish evening again last night, only ending at about one o’clock. Christian and I were both a bit pooped after absorbing too much sun during the day.

We started the evening with a meal at an Italian place only 2 minutes walk away. They served an excellent starter involving red cabbage, green cabbage, and cheese all shredded then covered in tomato/mayonnaise/tabasco sauce. This was followed by reasonably normal Italian fare, only more of it. Again the bill was miniscule.

We moved on to one of the bars at the other end of the paseo that we’d been to before. All the usual crowd was there, as if I would know who they are! After much drinking and shouting we left and headed straight for bed.

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