Wednesday 21 January 2015

Hills Road Car vs Bike

I had a look at travelling along the outer section of Hills Road, comparing ease of movement by car and bike. The clip shows that cars are no faster average speed over the distance than a bike. Because their peak speeds need a vast amount of space, this causes congestion when they have to interact with other routes.

Many people are put off riding by the traffic around them. And yet they are helping to cause their own congestion as a result. Putting protected lanes up may counter this vicious cycle worry (less people ride, more people drive, the more cycling looks less pleasant!).

Many people are put off riding by the weather at times. At yet car commuting is doing more damage to them than awkward weather ever possibly could. And even the reason why awkward weather is seen as an issue is that it's simply not experienced. Once experienced, people find it's not as bad as they thought because their cossetted liftstyle failed to give them the right impression.

Here are a few information pictures.

Allowing the space for peak speed travel means cars take up over 10 times the space of the same person on a bike, without changing their average speed. Black =car, Red=parking space, yellow=stopping distance at 30mph.

Reducing peak speeds, reduces the space needed by people in cars, thus reducing congestion

The private car is the least efficient method of transporting people

Car Commuting isn't good for your personal wellbeing

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