Saturday 26 December 2009

Boxing Day Walk 2009

The Blewbury Boxing Day walk has been a tradition for around 40 years now. It started in the baby boom days of the late 1960s as a traditional walking race done in fancy dress. There were prizes for each individual stage in different categories for speed and costume. The stages were between the four village pubs with much beer consumed at each one.

As the years have gone by, two of the pubs have shut down and issues, arising from walking down the main (A) road, meant that this year a very different route was planned. A certain level of humour and some thought resulted. Who knows where this will go?

As one who traditionally gets up when they first pass our house, I never get to see the proper parade which starts the walk. This time even less so, as the previously mentioned route change meant we were missed altogether. It did feel very strange to not see it wandering passed, to only get to see the crowd outside the Red Lion pub. It didn't seem to make as much sense in a group like that.

Anyway, back to the walk this year. It seemed like fewer entries, as it always does. The idea is to have topical dress, so it becomes a celebration of the year in some senses. Also, it allows for a level of satirical humour that wafts round the village like a fast moving elephant on board a small piece of toast.

Limbo dancing as part of the circus performers. I didn't quite get the topical connection, but there again, I'm not that topical!

The crowd just mingles, full of the joy of beer.

Yet more beer consumed and participants mixing with onlookers.

We all know this song, so join in now "I'm a lumberjack..". The day is full of festive spirit, as well as beer.

A number of people can take costumes to the extreme.

Labelling is frequently used as a way to confirm the costume. Especially when otherwise it's just people out for a walk.

Ah, some hint of the walk route not being to all peoples favour.

Placards raised as the chant 'London Road' is aired high.

Zoe spots me taking pictures from across the crowd.

Final drinks before the next off.

Being dressed warmly does mean a slight amount of bagginess.

Or simply feel cold by looking. Brrr.

Simon Cowell looks quite a lot bigger than Cheryl Cole in real life as well, so I'm told.

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