Monday, 22 August 2016

Pleasant Circular Route Round Cambridge

This ride revives my mental state as well as giving a reasonable physical workout. Whilst Cambridge isn't the Netherlands, it's still quite a lot better than most places in the UK. This ride is mostly done on different levels of cycle infrastructure along with some quiet roads.

A few things to do when riding here. If riding along shared-use infra, take good care of people walking. Make sure they know you are there and slow near them. Yes, this really shouldn't happen, there should be separated infra, but that's how it is now. Join onto a road obeying the rules of the road, by giving way to traffic already there. Obey the rules of the road when on the road.

Pleasant Circular Route Round Cambridge (music warning!)
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0:11 Setting off form the Fort St Goege bridge
00:28 Slowing under Cutter Ferry Bridge
00:56 Stourbridge Common
01:09 Cows!
01:25 Ditton Meadows
01:48 Care round kids!
02:30 Newmarket Park & Ride
02:56 Airport Way Roundabout
03:48 Teversham Drive in Cherry Hinton
04:00 Church End and Rosemary Lane
04:24 The Tins Path
04:42 Crossing Perne Road
05:08 Crossing Coleridge Road
05:26 Carter Railway Bridge
05:50 The Triangle cut through
06:00 Crossing Hills Road
06:20 Coe Fen
06:54 Crossing Barton/Newnham Road
07:20 Grange Road
08:03 Crossing Madingley Road
08:26 Madingley Rise
09:00 Cross Huntingdon Road
09:24 Gilbert Road
09:56 Crossing Milton Road
10:17 Back on the Bridge!

* How to go HD.

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