Saturday 14 November 2015

The WI on BBC Radio 6 Roundtable with Steve Lamacq

Yes, many of you will notice this isn't about cycling. Actually it's a bit closer than you may think.

Last year I had the luck of meeting loads of fantastic Women's Institute members as part of a project to knit little jerseys for the Tour de France visit to Cambridge. In February I had tweeted a picture of what Yorkshire was doing and bemoaned that the only thing that seemed to be happening in a city full of commuter cyclists was a few long distance cycle club rides. The BBC picked it up and suddenly I found myself with a project to run.

Key to the success was Jo, who asked me ot come along and pitch the idea to their WI AGM as a brief 5 minute fun piece before the serious meeting took place. Little did I know that the county chairperson was present and loved the idea so much that she took it to all the county's WI groups.

16 weeks later 400 volunteers had knitted 2000 jerseys that the council put up along the route and the local business development group helped get into shop windows along the way and in the city.

Anyway, on the way I also met Joanne who was full of boundless enthusiasm that sucked in many a volunteer and created a buzz of excitement all aroudn the project.

Both of whom have been shakers and movers in the WI, creating a slightly different* brand to the Jam and Jerusalem we all know. As such, they went on BBC Radio 6 Roundtable with Steve Lamacq last Thursday (12th November 2015) and had a wail of a time.

*And when I say "slightly different" I think that Steve summed it up perfectly when he said "I'm going to have a meltdown" in response to Joanne's current play list!

The WI on BBC Radio 6 Roundtable with Steve Lamacq

00:00 Intro
00:46 Cult Review
07:00 Daughter Review
11:14 Prodigy Review
14:01 Aurora Review
16:18 Santigold Review
22:10 Beans on Toast Review
27:32 Guy Garvey Review

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