Wednesday 9 October 2013

Up Valley from Pateley Bridge to Scar House Reservoir and Return

Another route up Nidderdale in the Yorkshire Dales. For more routes around Pateley Bridge look on this map and here for more descriptions of Nidderdale.

And here's an interactive Google Map.

View Pateley Bridge, Lower Wath, Heathfield, Gouthwaite, Ramsgill, Lofthouse, Scar House, and Return via Upper Wath in a larger map

And finally, the video footage...

Or link to it here.

Or to parts of the clip with special highlights.
00:18 Descent through Pateley Bridge High Street and normal speed footage.
01:35 Heading up to Heathfield
04:20 Top view from Heathfield

04:45 Descent towards Gouthwaite
05:05 View over Gouthwaite

06:20 Gouthwaite Reservoir

07:45 Yorke Arms, Ramsgill

10:00 Descent towards Lofthouse
10:57 Waterfall near Manchester Hole

15:35 View across to Little Haw

16:39 First view of Scar House Dam

19:14 Scar House Reservoir

19:43 Descent from Scar House and links to other times.
22:11 Lofthouse Jam
23:01 Catching and Keeping up with Cars
23:55 Ramsgill Beck Cottages

25:15 View south towards Gouthwaite dam

27:06 Wath
27:29 Cows at Wath

28:20 View north towards Gouthwaite dam

29:06 Silver Hill, steepest bit at 15.4%
29:44 View across upper Nidderdale

30:09 Back into Pateley Bridge

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