Sunday, 15 May 2016

A Late Sunday Afternoon Lazy Ride

I just fancied a short late afternoon lazy ride, which in the late spring sunshine felt glorious.

And here's the video of the route, with pictures along the way!

A Late Sunday Afternoon Lazy Ride (Go HD see * below)

0:12 Start a bit late on Brooklands Avenue
0:56 Lots of people by The Mill
1:10 Town centre is crowded!
1:45 Jesus Green, and lots more people
2:10 Some cows sleeping just before The Fort St George
2:31 Riverside
2:52 Stoubridge Common. more poeple, more cows
3:15 A big horse and a little horse
3:41 Onto an empty Ditton Walk
4:01 Crossing Coldhams Common
4:57 Mill Road, and a driver going the wrong way down Sedgwick Street (see YouTube clip here)
5:12 Carter Railway Bridge
5:46 Into the Triangle and almost back to Brooklands Avenue

* How to go HD.

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