Saturday, 28 May 2016

#CamRideHome on 29.04.2016, the Reach Ride Explore

For the Bank Holiday weekend of the Reach Ride, #CamRideHome explored the city sections of the Reach Ride.

And here's the video of the route, with pictures along the way!

#CamRideHome on 29.04.2016, the Reach Ride Explore (Go HD see * below)

0:12 Setting off
0:26 Kings College Chapel
0:45 First wait for everyone
0:59 Onto the delightfully green Jesus Green
1:10 Another wait!
1:30 The river looking great
2:00 The Technology Museum
2:10 Cows!
2:20 The Green Dragon Bridge (which permits cycling!)
2:55 Back over the new cycle bridge
3:16 Waiting at the traffic lights, twice
3:34 Newmarket Road Retail Park
3:57 Cut through to York Road
4:19 People go the wrong way!
4:33 Crossing Mill Road a driver bullies their way through without priority (see
5:20 Pasing the cycle counter on Parkers Peice
5:43 Onto Downing Street Contraflow Cyclelane
6:00 Like "a sinner we crawl" back to The Mill

* How to go HD.

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