Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Cyclists Instruction for Common Misconceptions On the Road

I was always scrabbling around to find the right links to correct idiotic comments that litter the internet about bikes, cycling and the UK transport system. What I wanted was a one stop shop for all those ignorant comments and to be able to simply paste a link to rapidly bring in a slightly more educated point of view (IMHO!).

So then I thought, why don't I just do it. Hence, I started my blog post entitled "Common Misconceptions On the Road". It was meant to be a quick guide to the issues, picking up on all those usual fallacies ("You don't Pay Road Tax", etc). Unfortunately, it did rather expand and became a work of passion as I tried to ensure all sections had the right backing.

Anyway I release it to you now, in the very vain hope (and appropriately self-deprecating) that it might be useful to some people in the rage against the machine that is the unnecessary anti-cycling rant all too familiar nowadays.

It's meant to work by having short sections that each have their own link. That way when someone comments idiotically, like "Why don't you use the cyclelane", you just select the appropriate link from the top index and send it to them with a "here's why". I've included a mechanism for those places that don't let you paste links by including a text based Bitly link, with instruction.

I hope it's useful and if you think something else ought to be covered, do let me know!

Common Misconceptions On the Road

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