Monday 28 May 2012

Cambridge to Saffron Walden Circuit Updated

A nice long summer route

This is an update from a run done in 2010. This time I've cobbled together some video and altered the route slightly in Cambridge with the new cycle paths. It's worth looking at the original blog for photos and comments, but the video shows what it's like.

I've moved my route from my Bikely set as the site seems to be a bit under the weather. I've settled with Google as it's mapping seems to be the best and most functional you can get for free.

View Cambridge - Saffron Walden Circuit in a larger map

Pretty much all of the information from the other blog post is still accurate. The only difference is that re-entering Cambridge is now possible along the Guided Busway Cyclepath. This does make the route a bit longer, but quieter, more pleasant, and less cars!

Anyway, the important new item for this time is recorded footage of the whole ride! Speeded up 8 times with directions and comments this should make it easy to follow.

And here are the links mentioned in the clip.

Ashdon Road Bad Driver at 10:35
Saffron Walden Bad Driver at 11:35
Addenbrookes Genetic Cyclepath
Joined Up Thinking Failure at Francis Crick Avenue
Joined Up Thinking Failure at Francis Crick Avenue clip

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