Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Sitting Room Details

My sitting room isn't big or spectacular. It does have some odd corners. I thought I'd share.

Buddha and Dragon. A few things I brought back from Beijing. Why them? Why not.

New and Old Worlds. In several senses.

My version of multimedia. And boy do I multi after some of that media!

Word scramble. There is sense, when you put your head on one side.

A teapot cuddled by a banana cover. Is the emergency milk out of date yet?

A detail of my favourite doodle that I found in Walbeswick about 20 years ago. It's still got bits I've not seen before.

And a slight odd collection of reading material. The "Don'ts for Husbands/Wifes" do go into the forgotten English at times. And the Bike Book bookends well with Native American Wisdom.

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