Saturday, 17 April 2010

Horrible Crash in the Tour of Turkey

Just found out about the horrible crash at the end of today's stage of the Tour of Turkey. This is in the last few km of the stage, so they are going at around 40mph at this stage.

This first picture shows the lead out train of Columbia/HTC for Greipel and the front rider is clearly just got out of shape on the corner. What caused this is unknown, possibly oil on the road. The back wheel has slid out making the cornering fall apart.

Now, a moment later and the second rider realises that there's a problem and has got his right foot out of the cleats. The front rider is now in real trouble.

Front rider is going sideways now, and the second rider has nowhere to go. The third rider looks out of shape as well, as his back wheel begins to slide. Greipel, who's fourth equal on the right (so not in blue) looks like with a tight turn he could make it still.

Front 3 riders are now going into the side barriers and Greipel has his foot out as the turn was clearly too much to make. The blue rider hasn't got anywhere to go. Alarge number of those at the front haven't got anywhere to go.

Riders down over barriers, lost more are sliding that way.

Riders all the way back are going over the corner padding, flying at the spectators with their momentum.

Some riders have made it all the way to the other road through a line of spectators. One rider looks to have cleared the crash.

Cyclists all over the road, but two make it through.

And two go on, not knowing what ot do with the depleted race.

This crash cost Greipel his sprinters jersey, as Visconti overtook him on the standings. Story

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