Saturday, 29 March 1997

Canaries with Attitude

My travels and other animals, a brief account of a holiday unbounded

Morning, Saturday 29 March 1997

The announcement came at ten to three, about half an hour earlier than they had put on the board. Lucky we didn’t set the alarm for that ‘official’ time. We struggled onto the plane with everybody else and sat in our seats. Completely by coincidence we were sat next to exactly the same women as the one that we flew out with. She was, thankfully, minus child as she was helping her daughter take her children out to Tenerife last time.

Takeoff was delayed until four o’clock because, yes, some people had checked in, got their baggage onto the plane and then gone back to their resort. Their baggage was found and thrown off and we took off. The flight seemed to take forever, during which I tried to get some sleep. I managed to get a complete hour at the beginning but it all got a bit to much after that with incredible sunrises, bawling children, cricks in the neck, and the odd bit of turbulence.

Touch down was just before eight in the morning into a chilly four degrees. The train arrived just three minutes after we had picked up our baggage, perhaps I was little harsh earlier. It was quick into King’s Cross Thameslink and the taxi driver knew where he was going. I finally left a tired Christian just after ten in the morning and got here at eleven after a total of twenty-seven hours traveling.

Bon Voyage

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