Monday, 24 March 1997

Canaries with Attitude

My travels and other animals, a brief account of a holiday unbounded

Morning, Monday 24 March 1997
Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

We had a quiet night in yesterday which was probably a good thing after the night before. We ordered pizza and started on the beers. Ah pizza, what would we do without pizza, the world over it is the same food only subtly different in each country. It was saltier, with more olives, and a slightly different texture of cheese. Slightly different food ingredients, same recipe, slightly different result. The same program but different operational parameters.

The island is interesting in that it is not self-sufficient for food in any shape or form. Nothing grows here apart from bananas and tomatoes, which would make rather an interesting pizza. The soil base doesn’t take it, and there isn’t enough regular rain to cultivate crops outside a covered environment. These gives a barren, volcanic outlook with large ‘tents’ in swathes across the small sections of the landscape. There are no grazing animals either so all meat and other vegetables are imported. The only thing that ought to be readily available is fish but I haven’t seen anything of that ilk around either.

After finishing the pizza we debated which game of cards to play and settled on a halfway house between Bridge and Whilst. You had to bid the number of tricks that you thought you would win and scored a 10 point bonus if you did get that number. Every hand I got seemed to be a dud, which meant I could only score the 10 point bonus really. I managed to get 4 out of 5 hands correct but since I only had 1s and 2s I was still last. It’s not fair!

After a good nights sleep, breakfast was good, straightforward, and toast.

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