Thursday, 1 November 2012

Google Map Icons for Cycling Mapping

I've collected some icons that are useful when mapping out areas in Google Maps for suitability for cycling. The basic set that appear from Google are a little limited. Also the use of personal icons is a little cac-handed. The icons have to be loaded into each map not into the Google Maps personal account settings. That's one reason to write this post, so I have access to them easily for loading (and re-loading!) myself.

These were part of the original expansion set that Google Maps had, since moved to a new site run by the makers,, I believe.

I've done one map (of Nidderdale) so far using these, but intend to start building maps of a variety of places I know and including video clip links.

First, cycling specifics, to do with ease of access.
Easy Cycling

Hard Cycling

Quiet Cycling

Offroad Cycling

Not Suitable for Cycling

No Cycling

Then, information about the environment.


Busy Road

General Hazard

Windy Road



Finally, some more generic icons giving further information.




Video Clip


Icons loaded but not used from but kept so that they are easy to find in the future.
View (sun)

Downhill (not transparent)

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