Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Recent Funny Tweets

Just a few tweets that I've recently seen that made me laugh. Nothing clever about this page, and nearly all not my own work!

Films Made Scottish Theme
@cowspassage The Eternal Downpour of the Spotless Mind #filmsmadescottish #frys
@jamiefullerton1 #filmsmadescottish Aye Am Legend #frys
@jamiefullerton1 #filmsmadescottish Loch Ness Monsters Ball #frys
@VecchioJo The Laird Of The Rings #filmsmadescottish #frys
@ozgirlhants A MacDeus #filmsmadescottish #frys
@swithelly #filmsmadescottish The Hitchhikers Guide to the Gaelic Sea ---haha! #frys
@ozgirlhants Two Mulls for Sister Sarah #filmsmadescottish
@gordybroon #filmsmadescottish indiana jones and the raiders of the lost bar
@MarksVoice Ayrspray #filmsmadescottish

Shakespearian Misquotes
@RadWagon Or a little later, with reference to that duo 'Out, out, brief forkhandle!'
@RadWagon 'O brave new twitterverse, That has such people in't!'
@FantonEsquire Shakespearian Typos, Part Two: 'O, Romeo, Romeo, wherefore fart thou Romeo?'
@FantonEsquire Shakespearian Typos, Part One: 'Exeunt, pursued by a pear.'

Funky Swearing
@justVero damnity dalmations
@justVero crappity crustaceos crabs from the deep sea

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